2014 TPAAF President’s Message

July 10, 2014
Dear TPAA Family & Friends,

On the behalf ofthe TPAA Foundation 2014 Team, I would like to let you know that our TPAA Foundation 2014 have been working closely,diligently to support our TPAA 2014, several medical schools alumni activities inUSA. Our appropriate committee approved their requested funds as soon they have the funds available.

We support our TPAA President 2014, who is our TPAA znd generation in order to make a successful transition of our organization. TPAA Foundation 2014 did not make any fund raising campaign until TPAA 2014 convention and mission in Thailand are completed on July5,2014. Congratulations to Dr. Chris Malaisrie for his successful convention in Thailand.

TPAA Foundation 2014 will sponsor and support Sr. Somkid and his Texas Tech University teams for USMLE workshop preparation program, with the assistance of medical consortium of Thailand, both in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. (See attached)

This is a good program for the future Thai Residents who want to continue Post Graduate Training in the Unites States. This is one of the objectives of the TPAA Foundation also the future of medical education in Thailand.I already communicated with the Deans of Medical Schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, they would be very happy to coordinate the USMLE Workshop Programs for us.

I have been authorized (personally) from 3 medical schools in Thailand to be the coordinator to communicate with John Hopkins University and NIH to arrange a formal meeting possible academic activity with U.S. medical schools.

Our fundraising will be TPAA Foundation 2014 Cruise 14 day cruise to Norway, Iceland & Faroe Islands, Aboard the Norwegian Star from September 22-October 6, 2014. Please contact Dr. Siripom Kulkamthom (who always graciously supports TPAA, we appreciate her assistance). Her telephone 314-780-8019 email: skulkam@gmail.com for further details.

Profit from this activity will be used to support TPAA Projects and Activities related to education, Rural School Project, Medical Mission, Medical Students Scholarship, etc. both in the United States and Thailand.

At present, we do not have enough funds to support medical school scholarship in Thailand. We need your generous support, participation and donation to TPAA Foundation and your medical schools in Thailand as much as you can. Your donations to TPAA Foundation are also tax deductible. Your participation, support and donation will be greatly appreciated.

Please join us to fulfill our obligation to help those inneed. I hope we will be able to make a difference of the people of Thailand. I am looking forward to working with you.

Please kindly send your donation to: Apai Polyudhapoom, M.D.
TPAA Foundation 2014
8083 North Sherman Avenue
Fresno, CA 93720

Thank you for your supporting TPAA Foundation 2014!!!

Somchai Kulwatdanapom, M.D.
TPAA. Foundation President