Message from 2018 TPAA Foundation President

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Family,

As the President of the TPAA Foundation for 2016 and 2017, I want to once again begin by expressing my deep gratitude to work in this association with such an extraordinary group of individuals.

In good times and in bad, we can count on each other. I want to thank the many active members for being true believers of who we are and the confidence and consistent support. Our mission is to act as an instrument of positive change in our homeland and elsewhere.

If we are to prepare successfully for the twenty-first century we need broad, flexible and motivated members that recognize the different talents of all and deliver excellence for everyone. This will stimulate inquiry, trial and sometimes possible disagreements.

In this digital information age, we have the opportunity to rethink how we can organize and come together.  We need to connect, collaborate and influence to meet future challenges. We need increasing open and transparent communication. We need to bring in more new voices, more involvement and participation to create opportunities and solving issues.

Your past experience within our association matters more now than ever.

We have to work and think in groups. Our effort will be flexible and many times-self learning.

We will understand and values the differences individually but will focus on working together on our similarities as a whole. We will be able to adapt our thinking and behaviors to achieve our goals.

Last, the outcome of the election from 2017 TPAA Foundation Annual Meeting on September 30th, 2017 in St Louis, Missouri, the 2017 President, Officers, Chairpersons, and Committees will continue working in their same capacities until June 2018 as interim positions.

Sincerely Yours,

 Chintana Paramagul, M.D.

2018 TPAA Foundation