Commemorating Thai Scholars Fellowship Fund program update_March 2018

Dear TPAA members and families

Please note that there is a limit for the maximum guests that can get up to the beautiful Mt. Washington (and follow the Royal trail when the Royal Couple hiking to the Summit at that time) during the August 25 Saturday event planned by KTBF.  This is First Comes First Serves because the Park Authority has put a limit on the number of visitors by Van.  KTBF has to pay a fee in advance to make the reservation for the Vans based on the number of guests.

There is the need for members to register the NH event on Saturday, August 25 as soon as possible,  the Deadline for Registration is June 1, 2018.  those who register late (even before June 1) may not get the ticket up the Mt Washington Auto Road.  They will have to buy their own tour tickets and would not be able to join the group in time for the event on the Summit.

For those members who do not attend the event in August,  you can make your contribution to the Fund by donating through TPAAF in the form here (please click for TPAAF donation form).

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