Thailand Medical Mission 2019

The 2019 Thailand medical mission at Chiangmai Medical School was a very successful event:
*The S.T.A.B.L.E class was conducted on January 30-31, 2019.
*The medical equipment donation ceremony was held on January 30, 2019.

Many TPAA members participated in the activities including Dr. Vinai & Khun Nongluck Artyamsoal, Dr. Pichai & Dr. Rachanee Sripaipan, Dr. Winit & Khun Kanaporn Jatigasathien, Dr. Kosit & Dr. Saiswat Prieb, Dr. Wichest& Khun Somporn Boonyapredee, Dr. Anchalee Musikabhumma, Dr. Kasin & Dr. Oranee Ekmahachai, Dr. Bannakit, the dean of medical school, was present at the ceremony.

The following types of equipment were donated:
Department of Pediatrics:
1) Transport incubator x1
2) Masimo radical 97 pulse oximeter x 12
– TPAA members 6 sets from ( Dr. Rathachai & Dr. Yooppadee Rithaporn x1, Dr. Wichest& Somporn Boonyapredee x1, Mrs. Ornanong Watjanapookka x1, and the rest from TPAA members)
– 6 sets from CMU alumni and Leenutpongse foundation
3) Fabian evolution ventilator x1 donated by one CMU nursing student alumni and Dr. Rathachai & Dr. Yooppadee Rithaporn
4) Laryngoscopes x3 by CMU medical alumni 14
5) Battery for radiant warmer x1
6) Infrared thermometer x5 Boonyapredee family
Hematology (bone marrow transplants section):
1) Cash 100,000.00 baht by Dr. Anchalee Musikabhumma
2) $2000.00 donated by Dr. Theerawat Patraropongse, Dr. Suthon Chatkupt, Dr. Teera Pittiyathikun
3) Ten Littmann classic III SE donated by Dr. Kosit & Dr. Saisawat Prieb
4) Ten Infrared thermometers donated by Khun Somporn & Khun Kanita Boonyapredee ( for cash in 1&2 to buy NIBP monitor)

Sincerely yours,

Wichest Boonyapredee MD FAAP
Co-Chair TPAA medical mission 2018-2019