2023 Yearend message from TPAA Foundation President

December 8, 2023

Dear TPAA members, families, and friends,

I hope everyone has a good time at Thanksgiving. The year 2024 is almost upon us. TPAA Foundation has enjoyed a very successful year as far as donation is concerned. I would like to thank TPAA members, families, and friends for their generous donations to various causes. Major recipients included the 4 medical schools; Siriraj, Chulalongkorn, Chiengmai, and Ramathibodi where most of us graduated from. Thai Medical Women Association, Howard Chan School of Public Health, and Songklanakarin Hospital Foundation were also major recipients of this year’s donations.

Additional donations also went to other worthy projects supported by TPAA Foundation, i.e. Medical Mission and medical equipment purchase for various hospitals in Thailand.

Noteworthy of special mention is Dr. Verapon Towannasut’s transfer of his Charitable Remainder Trust to TPAA Foundation in mid-2023. The Dr. Verapon Towannasut Staff Endowment Fund was set up. One scholarship per year will be awarded to CU medical school staff with priority given to preclinical staff. The scholarship amount was set at $40,000 per year in 2018, the year in which Dr. Verapon proposed the setup. TPAA Foundation board of directors can approve different amounts as they see fit.

TPAA Foundation and the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University reached an agreement regarding candidate selection criteria and other details. The announcement will be posted by the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. Applications are accepted from Jan 1-February 28.

I would like to thank Dr. Verapon Towannasut and his family for this generous donation.

I hope you will continue to support the causes that are dear to your heart.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and healthy.

Respectfully submitted,

Apinan Thitipraserth, MD

TPAA Foundation President

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