Funds, Grants, and Scholarships


Educational Funds:

  • The Foundation will sponsor continuing medical education, lectures, seminars, and workshops for member physicians.
  • Grants will be made toward purchasing textbooks and medical journals for the libraries medical schools.
  • Scholarships will be provided for young physicians who seek further training

Educational Grants:

  • Contributions will be made to medical schools and other medical institutions to assist in educating a new generation of physicians.
  • The end result will be improved medical services for patients.


Foundation Endowment Funds:

  • Principal balances will be preserved.
  • Only profits from investments will be allocated to charitable purposes.

Foundation General Fund:

  • The Foundation’s operating fund will be used to implement the Foundation’s charitable endeavors.
  • The Foundation belongs to and serves all TPAA members.

Dr. Pipit Chiemmongkoltip Advanced Medical Education Endowment Fund

  • Principal balances wil be preserved
  • Only profits from investments will be allocated for advanced medical education purposes. (click here for details)